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What is SALAH Token?

Like in the centuries past, the  Islamic World needs bold leaders and visionaries. Our leaders and visionaries from the past inspire us as we work on creating a better futurewith technology.

Salah ad-Din token is a cryptocurrency token designed to help people achieve a better and more stable future.

Who is Salah-ad Din?

This is inspired in Al-Nasir Salah al-Din Yusuf ibn Ayyub, better known as Salah ad-Din, a legendary Muslim commander and a respected ruler.

Starting his military career in Damascus, he made a name for himself as a competent commander, fighting against Crusader forces.

He eventually moved to Alexandria, where he rapidly rose through military ranks, becoming the Vizier of Egypt. His power grew thanks to his reputation as a devoted Muslim and a legendary commander. He would become the first Sultan of Egypt and Syria and founded the Ayyubid dynasty.

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Why SALAH Token?



Salah ad-Din token, a crypto token to bring hope to the region.

ico salah castle


Salah ad-Din token, a crypto token to bring hope to the region.

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Salah ad-Din token, a crypto token to bring hope to the region.

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Salah ad-Din token, a crypto token to bring hope to the region.

SALAH Roadmap

Our leaders and visionaries from the past inspire us as we work on creating a better future - with technology.

Q2 - 2022
Q2 - 2022

Recruiting & Outreach - Launch social media channels - Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, and Discord to begin building initial support and hype for the project, first attracting crypto enthusiasts.

Q2 - 2022
Q2 - 2022

Create our website to show off a Premium membership brand. Notable inclusions; how to section for new buyers, video clips including future of the project showcased for investors.

June 2022
June 2022

Fair launch & Airdrop giveaways initiated

July 4, 2022
July 4, 2022

We launch our token on the Blockchain as BEP20 standard price to be determined depending on market conditions.


Launch SALAH Wallet, SALAH Exchange & SALAH NFT

Q1 - 2023
Q1 - 2023

Our Charity donations start.


Launch the SALAH NFT Marketplace


To be as transparent as possible we are sharing the major wallets for the SALAH token:

  • Foundation Wallet (This is the wallet to manage the Token): 0x30de33f6f557acd66e7919b9379044e2de4294b6
  • Marketing Wallet (This is our marketing wallet and welcomes donations): 0x1a51380dfe215971d375f67666504d4f4669c16b
  • Charity Wallet (This is our charity wallet, donations are welcome): 0x9ea8ea380eaef925406231f37c8e6aec729b5f06
  • Temporary Founders Wallet (This is the Founders wallet): 0x3c59E279C302c8edDb5189673055164348858a0A
  • Airdrop Wallet (This is where all the Airdrops & giveaways will be coming from): 0x1A039eb50948d95Fe824Ae7932Cd79Ca78d5f332


Buy Tax 1.5%

Sell Tax 2.5%

There will be a Buy Tax of 1.5% and a Sell tax of 2.5%. The distribution of the tax is as followed:

  • 0.25% Buy & 1.00% Sell for Foundation Wallet
  • 0.25% Buy & 0.50% Sell for Charity Wallet
  • 0.75% Buy & 0.50% Sell for Marketing Wallet
  • 0.25% Buy & 0.50% Sell for Liquidity

Contract Ownership Renounced

Token Distribution

Our leaders and visionaries from the past inspire us as we work on creating a better future - with technology.


(One Trillion)





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Token & Liquidity Locks

Our liquidity will be locked for 180 days at start, after which it will be moved to a locker accessed with a weighted community vote.

38.5% of all tokens are already locked for a period of no less than 180 days from launch day July 4, 2022. Click here to view the locks

More details can be found in our Whitepaper.


SALAH token is only the tip of the iceberg and will lead to a complete ecosystem. As the ecosystem grows, we will be adding multiple utilities and sister tokens.

Planned Utilities

The following utilities are currently on our roadmap and are being worked on. Users will be able to access these utilities using the SALAH token.

  • SALAH Wallet

    The SALAH wallet will be a Web 3, non-custodial wallet that will offer safe storage of our native assets. It will also be equipped with the best tools in the DeFi landscape.

  • SALAH Exchange

    This will be a full-fledged DEX or CEX. After careful consideration of the market, a final determination will be made regarding which path to take.

  • SALAH Staking

    Staking will be coming as part of the SALAH Exchange.


    An NFT collection based on Salah ad-Din life will be issued. These NFTs will provide holders with specific benefits and rights on the SALAH ecosystem.

  • NFT Marketplace

    A marketplace for trading NFT's as part of the SALAH ecosystem.

Future Utilities

These utilities are future plans that are not on our roadmap fo now.

  • SALAH Invest

    This will be a vehicle to invest SALAH into other cryptocurrencies, stocks, real estate, and the metaverse. Profits from these investments will support SALAH Foundation and issue dividends to SALAH holders.

  • SALAH Stablecoin:

    This will be a new stablecoin based on a multi-currency basket instead of a single currency. This approach means a diversified stablecoin that is not reliant on a single fiat currency.

  • SALAH Small Loans:

    This will be an entity that provides small loans to individuals and small businesses at an extremely low rate. This will be a charitable enterprise.

Our Team



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